CoroNews-19 API

API provides latest COVID-19 news & also the stats
of COVID-19 in India.This API is made for developers by developer.

        iamharsh ~ $ 


  • News
  • Stats
            $  curl
            $  curl
            $  gem install scribbler

Freaking fast

Everything is asynchronously cached for a super-fast response.

Free for developers

Jump right in if you're in development or open source.

Easy integration

Get JSON results with simple HTTP GET requests

How to use


This API response data in form of JSON. You can use JQUERY to get data out of this API and then you can use a for loop to get all the news article just like shown in the images.

Real Project Builds

News App using CORONEWS API

Stats App using CORONEWS-19

Version history

  • Improved news articles
  • Indian Stats
  • 60+ News Artciles
  • Fixed artcile images